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Kinks alley

You really got me/It's all right (Split EP w/ HONEYCOMS: Have I the right/ Please don't pretend again) All the day and all of the night/ I'm a lover not a fighter/ I gotta move/ Long tall shorty Got love if you want it/ I took my baby home/ Cadillac/ Beautiful Delilah
Vogue EP 24122 Vogue EP 24127 Vogue EP 24131
France 1964 France 1964 France 1964

Tired of waiting for you/ Things are getting better/ Long tall sally/ Come on now Dancing in the street/ Ev'rybody's gonna be happy/ I need you/ Set me free A well-respected man/ See my friends/ Louie Louie/ Never met a girl like you before
Vogue EP 24132 Vogue EP 24140 Vogue EP 24151
France 1965 France 1965 France 1965

Till the end of the day/ Where have all the good times gone/ I'm on an island/ What's in store for me Dedicated follower of fashion/ Gotta get the first plane home/ Sittin' on my sofa/ The world keeps going round Sunny afternoon/ You can't win/ I'm not like everybody else/ When I see that girl of mine
Vogue EP 24160 Vogue EP 24167 Vogue EP 24173
France 1965 France 1966 France 1966

Dandy/ Rosie won't you please come home/ Party line/ Fancy Dead end street/ Session man/ Big black smoke/ House in the country Mister Pleasant/ This is where I belong/ Two sisters/ Village green
Vogue EP 24177 Vogue EP 24184 Vogue EP 24191
France 1966 France 1966 France 1967

Waterloo sunset/ Act nice and gentle/ Holiday in waikiki/ Little Miss Queen of Darkness You're looking fine/ Funny face (Split EP w/ Dave DAVIES Death of a clown/ Love me till the sun shines) Day's/ She's got everything
Vogue EP 24194 Vogue EP 24196 Vogue 45 PV 15297
France 1967 France 1967 France 1968

Drivin'/ Mindless child of motherhood Lola/ Death of a clown (credit to the KINKS) A well respected man/ Sunny afternoon
Vogue 45 PV 15321 PRT VG 108- 101377 Pye 45 PY 12088
France 1969 France 197. France 1975

Dedicated follower of fashon Sunny afternoon/ I'm not like everybody else Mr Pleasant/ This is where I belong
Pye DV 14500 P Pye HT 300006 P Pye HT 300086
Germany 1966 Germany 1966 Germany 1967

Waterloo sunset/ Act nice and gentle Wonder boy/ Pretty Polly God's children/ Moments
Pye HT 300103 Pye HTI 300184 Pye 10061 AT
Germany 1967 Germany 1968 Germany 1971